Coronavirus COVID-19: Tips on Staying Safe

💻 ️Staying home 🏠 and Social Distancing🙅 are proving to be effective. It’s the Very Best way to Stop this from spreading. We need to CONTINUE be MORE proactive as Americans 🇺🇸 and make sure that we keep it up until we get an effective treatment. We have to keep fighting and 5aking the careful steps, as human beings of the 🗺️ world 🌍

This is wise and sound information.

Here is the latest from CDC on Facebook. As soon as I opened it up, it was the FIRST thing I saw. It asked me if I wanted to be updated about my community. I hope we can do this earlier, if there is ever going to next a.

Here are the numbers for Travis County and the country. These were pulled from this morning

I KNOW it is NOT easy. I get that some people have no choice. That I truly understand, especially if you play a big role in our community. We all Thank you from the bottom of our heart for going out and risking everything to keep our communities safe and keep people healthy. Especially medical staff because it is such a high risk for you all, than it is the public. I was a CMA a few years at the hospital, in wound care, and I could NEVER do what y’all are doing now.

I know it’s not easy to stay completely away unless you have law enforcement behind you. I know this because I’ve had a person come to my door three times this week, from the outside world to try to visit. It’s scary to think, I have a virus already so another virus would probably kill me. Plus, My husband is older than I am and he got ammonia and went to the hospital when he gets the flu. So yes, it’s dangerous.

I underdstand that some people won’t stay home, but all we can do, is our very Best because there are people who just don’t care. My sister works at Acadeny and even she has been going to work. I can’t understand it, but it’s up to us to practice safety and unfortunately not depending on anyone else.

I don’t understand bit but I wish that the public could get it together and listen to the warning. We are fighting an invisible enemy. Stay home and If not for ourself, than for all the little babies, elderly, and disabled. Those who cannot fend for themselves, and people such as myself, that would easily pass away if this virus gets to them. I have to do it for myself but I also am doing it for very important and special people: my elderly, deaf Mother, my teenage Son in a wheelchair, and my Grandbabies who are small toddlers.

We will beat this FOR SURE, as China is starting to recover, and I guarantee we can do it also. However, we MUST continue with being proactive while this is happening, the HERE and NOW. JUST because it is not in you doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

We also need to evolve and leave the pettiness behind. if you are going to go out to the stores, not to hoard, but to actually buy groceries, and Be nice. Not just nice, but also keep your distance from the other shoppers. The story below just had me shaking my head like, why???

A funny Story about the Hoarding

We don’t want you to be positive unless it’s for an Attitude 😁

So what can we do with our extra t

  1. Online groups can be awesome too. Try finding good art, crafts, and other hobbie you can do, to pass the time
  2. Christmas Lights on
  • is a cool thing you can try doing with your extra time: Put them up and than smile/whistle while you work 👍 Americans are having fun with this and it takes your mind completely away from internet and television.

3. KIDS: Spend time with them specially to keep them from watching any newsnews. Stay away from the news, that is a big no no! If you are a parent here is something that I experience as a child. When I was a kid about 7 years old, there was a virus that came out and the media had me scared. I was so terrified because I was not educated on HIV/AIDS. I had nightmares. Please if you haven’t already, educate your kids and just make them feel safe. It will make a difference in the world if a childThiscus a great opportunity to spend Quality time with the kids.

3. Online Education This is a great time to brush up on your computer skillsm YouTube has great tutorials. Also WordPress is. I just saw a video about Remote Desktop and I Love it. I am always for people having more education on anything. Knowledge is Power! Even the kids are takiwng full advantage.

4. Check on ♿Disabled and Elderly 👵👴and even the 👩‍👧‍👧 Single parents Single mom can’t tjudt leave their kids home. Now it’s not a safe practice to deliver in person but I’ve seen people use their time to help the disabled and elderly, and single moms who cannot take their kids shopping. As a matter of fact, my neighbor just stopped by a few minutes ago and dropped ofc some snacks while another good friend of mine texted me and asked if I was ok. If you want to practice safety, Make phone calls and send out text messages instead . I felt really good that ONE person cared about me enough to check on me. I was very grateful about it. If you are going to drop off groceries, leave the groceries by the door but if you go inside, Everyone should do their part to say safe.

5. 😘🥰NETFLIX AND CHILL: Now is the time to spend good, quality time together🥰 with your significant other. Sounds funny but everyone will be in a better mood.🤰

…..and, There is so much more out there we can do. in fact, I am going to research and see what I find. I think it’s good to see how we can do our part and get something out of this like education, have a little fun, or even relaxing to do nothing. I’m going to keep adding to the list. Especially the people with small kids, What is something you are doing?

Help us out and tell me your ideas. If you have a video, we would all Love to see it, 😁👍Thanks!

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